Bell Super DH Vs 3R Helmet – Detailed Comparison

Grab the best safety helmets and get ready to do the adventures and conquer the world. Most of the bikers love riding bikes on rough and tough roads. It’s quite difficult for them if their helmet fails to meet the standards of the best safety helmets.

Helmets that do not fit in your head or are heavier in weight make your ride a bit challenging. Then what are the properties of a perfect helmet to buy? Well, from the variety of helmets, Bell Super DH and 3R helmets are amazing choices for all the bikers out there.

Both of these helmets are best in their properties but differ in some noticeable characteristics. To know and make your selection easy you should read the article and get your answer on buying the best helmet.

Bell Super DH Vs 3R Helmet Comparison

Bell Super DH Vs 3R Helmet
Bell Super DH Vs 3R Helmet Comparison

The price, comfort level, and adjustability are the three important elements that most people see while they are buying a safety helmet. Also, they check its weight because it becomes difficult for the rider to hold much weight of the helmet on their heads so most riders prefer lightweight helmets. Similarly, breathable helmets are also the choice of many bike riders.

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Bell Super DH vs 3R Helmet Weight Comparison

The Bell-Shaped DH helmet is quite light in weight, well ventilated, and comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. On the other hand, the 3R helmet is super durable, breathable, and light in weight.

If we compare both of these regarding these properties then the Bell Super DH helmet is heavier in weight than the 3R helmet, which is lighter in its weight.

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Bell 3R Helmet Vs Super DH Safety Comparison

The 3R helmet provides a removable chin bar so that the rider can remove it anytime he wants. Well, the chin bar protects the chin from unwilling scars and injuries.

Whereas, the Bell Super DH is a downhill certified helmet, which provides proper head rotation and a comfortable riding experience. It is constructed in a way that protects the head fully and makes sure that you have a safe ride. You can also read about detachable full face helmets.

FAQs of Bell Super DH and 3R Helmet

Is the Bell Super DH downhill certified?

Yes, the Bell Super DH helmet is downhill certified, which provides proper rotation of your head, and protection from a head injury.

How do I adjust Bell Super DH?

Bell Super DH is quite adjustable. You can easily adjust it to your head and can use the chin bar to secure your head fully and reduce the chances of wounds.

How tight should a helmet fit?

The helmet should fit in your head comfortably; it should not be too tight that it hurts your head and neck region.

Concluding Bell 3R Vs Super DH Helmet Comparison

Bell Super DH helmets remain the top choice of many bikers as they are stylish, comfortable, and provide a great riding experience. On the other hand, 3R helmets are best for riding on adventurous roads as they provide super protection to your head while you are riding on rough roads. This comparison will surely make your choice quite simple and straightforward.

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