Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Review and Buying Guide

We are glad you give thought to converting your analogue bike into an electric one. As this is the high time, to consider it. When we Americans commute to our workplace on cars, or public transportation, the carbon footprints are enough to say what we are doing to our environment.

I also converted mine into an electric bike using one of the best electric bike conversion kits, a long time ago just for the same reason (to keep the environment safe and get fresh air to breathe in).

Interestingly, it does not prove good only for the environment but takes a lot of burden from my pocket as well. Now, I don’t ever worry about the high fuel prices again and ride without sweating and getting fatigued. But this transition was not easy at all, it took me a lot of time researching the best options, studying them and getting comfortable with them.

I have crafted this guide, with the motive to make you learn all the things at one place that I learned on my transitioning journey. I will walk you through all the best options to choose from, how to use them, and how to get comfortable with them.

Let’s start off with a few kits, that you could opt for;

Best Electric Bikes Conversion Kits Overview

Best Overall Best Overall BAFANG BBS02B Mid-Drive Ebike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Aluminum
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Premium Pick Premium Pick AW Rear Wheel Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Voilamart Rear Wheel Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear, Dual
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminum Alloy, Metal
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Top Pick Top Pick JauoPay E-Bike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Front
  • Material: Aluminum
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Most Durable Most Durable EBIKELING Waterproof eBike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear, Front, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Voilamart 1000W E-Bike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminum Alloy
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NBPower 3000W eBike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum
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Best Seller Best Seller BAFANG E-bike Front Hub Motor Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Aluminum
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Most Attractive Most Attractive AW Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
  • Suspension Type: Front, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty BAFANG 8Fun BBSHD Mid Drive Kit
  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Steel, Aluminum
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10 Best Electric Bikes Conversion Kits Review

Best Electric Bikes Conversion Kits

1. BAFANG BBS02B Mid-Drive Ebike Conversion Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Aluminum

BAFANG BBS02B is our top pick, and this is exactly what I bought for myself after analyzing and evaluating hundreds of kits.

Here’s why;

It comes from the well-established and recognized BAFANG Brand, who are in the industry for years and leaving their marks everywhere with exceptional conversion kits. BBS02B is just one of them. 

Not only was the brand a decisive factor, but the powerful motor that comes with the rating of 48V/ 750 Watt was also a persuasive pointer. The motor achieves torque up to 120 NM while maximizing the commute speed up to 30 MPH. I do commute on it daily, and love the performance and smooth commute due to this powerhouse of my converted cycle.

You also get 3 riding options, including, E-bike mode, Pedal assistance mode, and pedal bike. You can keep on transitioning between different modes easily, as per your choice and desire anytime. 

Being a Mid-drive conversion kit, the motor gets attached to the bottom bracket of the frame. Consider getting it if the bottom bracket of your bike is around 68-77mm. Otherwise, it will be prone to easy damage. 

If not so, use it with the road bike only and don’t ever give a thought to using it during off-roading, when the bottom bracket is not between 68-77mm. 

You can accept everything included in the package such as LCD for user-friendly display, Bluetooth connectivity, brakes, motor, speed sensors, etc. They all come ready to use, you just need to put the puzzle together by following the provided easy-to-install video, and start hitting the road. 

The only drawback is that you already need to have a battery or have to order it separately, to make it operational. 

What I Like?

  • Even a naïve can install it easily
  • Purchase is backed up by a 1-year warranty
  • Powerful and well-performing motor
  • Efficient Brakes
  • LCD display 

What I Don’t Like?

  • Does not come with a battery
  • Not suitable for off-roading if the bottom bracket is not 68-73mm

Reason for recommending BAFANG BBS02B Conversion Kit

BAFANG BBS02B is an ideal purchase for a smooth commute and a well-performing motor that speeds up your commute and makes the journey comfortable. It ensures no more sweat, or fatigue just to reach your workplace.

Do you repair your bike yourself? If yes, then most probably you would like to read how to work on a bike without a repair stand

2. AW Rear Wheel Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum

If Mid-drive E-bike conversion kits do not excite you and make you avoid getting BAFANG BBS02B. Worry Not!

Here is the Most Popular type; Wheel Conversion kit by AW Store with much more power to consider. They are popular and the most widely used, because of their easy adaptability, affordability and practical application.

You just need to replace your Rear Wheel with its converted wheel, bearing a motor of 1000W that runs on a battery of 48V. With such power, it holds the capability to achieve 440 RPM and 45 KM/H speed when torque is going up to 45 Nm.

Just Imagine how powerful the motor is, and how speedily you would be able to cover your distances without putting much effort in. The best part is that despite the powerful operation, you barely hear a noise or squeaking sound coming out of the motor hub.

Due to this power, it is also advised to use it for both road bikes and mountain bikes. But our research and testing contradict the statement. The motor is good enough to use in Off-roading sessions, but the tire is not suitable for such conditions.

Therefore, it is better to stick it with the road bikes, or with the cargo bikes, having a 26” frame with 5 5/16″ rear dropout spacing. Otherwise, it won’t be able to satisfy your needs.

Other than that, It offers 2 riding modes including a hall and No-hall effect, which can be controlled with the thumb throttle. Ditching the powerful motor, and riding at your own pace and desire, makes sense in most cases.

Even if you kept the motor on, the safety feature would turn off the motor, when it felt like doing so. To avoid overheating and causing unwanted circumstances. How amazing it is, isn’t it?

What I Like?

  • Thumb Throttle keeps bike under control
  • LCD System to display all necessary information
  • Dual-Mode motor to customize the experience
  • Efficient working mechanism
  • Noiseless operation

What I Don’t Like?

  • The battery has to be bought separately
  • The tire is not Suitable for Off-roading sessions

Reason for recommending AW E-Bike Conversion Kit

Overall the kit is highly efficient, powerful and affordable at the same time. There is no reason to avoid getting it, only the need of buying the 48V battery separately, which we think can be ignored if you don’t want to miss out on the powerful experience of an E-bike.

3. Voilamart Rear Wheel Conversion Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear, Dual
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminum Alloy, Metal

You may want to skip the AW Wheel Kit because of a 1000W motor being illegal in your state or you don’t want to indulge in the hustle of getting a license. Here’s a great alternative with a bit more intelligent feature, for you to consider.

A rear Wheel Conversion kit from Voilamart that operates in similar millar as  AW kit, and is also installed by replacing the rear wheel of the bike. But it comes with the 1500W Motor, restrained up to 750W limit for keeping the bike under control, when achieving the max speed of 34 MPH.

Its 26” Wheel with this power and speed capacity is only suitable for road bikes, as you can struggle getting traction off-road with it. There is no point to give it a try in the mountains if you really don’t want to bear the consequences.

On the road bikes, 5 Pedal Assistance levels also come in handy in achieving the comfort and customization to ride the bike at your own pace. When I gave it a try, I enjoyed its speed control, only pressing a button was giving the control of the bike back to me.

Integration of the Crank Speed sensor is the main integration in its PAS System, enhancing its performance level that you won’t find in an AW rear Bike wheel. The braking system also has to be appreciated with its quick responsiveness.

The only downside is the LCD programming, which is a bit tricky and most people struggle with. We recommend watching a few of the videos on Youtube, before setting it up as its process is a bit different.

What I Like?

  • Enhanced PAS system
  • Crank Speed sensor for improved performance level
  • Efficient Braking mechanism
  • The transition of riding mode is hassle-free

What I Don’t Like?

  • Setting up LCD is not straightforward

Reason for recommending Voilamart Conversion Kit

Voilmart Conversion kit is best to have for its speed limit, traction on the road, efficiency and optimal power. The transition between riding modes is the most loved feature by bikers, who want to cycle and exercise at the same time.

4. JauoPay E-Bike Conversion Kit – Budget Friendly


  • Suspension Type: Front
  • Material: Aluminum

Budget constraint is a normal issue when you are starting off with conversion kits for the first time. Do you know want, I also had to encounter the same issue at first, this is when I bought the JauoPay kit way before proceeding to BAFANG BBS02B (I currently use it).

It turned out really budget friendly and helped me to experience the power of the electric bike at a fraction of the money. I choose to ride it not only because of the lower price tag but for the features and performance evenly.

It comes with almost every feature that you could find in premium brands such as a 1000W motor, powered by 48V that makes the tires roll at the speed of 45 Km/h (28 Mile/H) at max. Similar to the Voilamart, the motor is restricted to 750W, and goes up to 24 Mile/H.

The only difference is that it has to be replaced with the front wheel instead of the rear one with the bike having at least a front 100mm dropout. The rest of the story is no different from the top conversion kits. You can use it under the Hall-effect or Non-hall effect. I used to transit between them frequently to prolong the motor’s life and keep its performance at its best.

Second to none, it also features an 8 point crank speed sensor with a pedal assistance system to make you enjoy the ride by personalizing it. Built with the Aluminum alloy frame, durable enough to last for years and holds the bearing capacity up to 220 Lbs.

What I Like?

  • Ease of installation
  • The tire is puncture resistance
  • Budget Friendly
  • Optimal speed level
  • Durable

What I Don’t Like?

  • Relatively it requires you to pedal harder
  • Not suitable for elderly

Reason for recommending JauoPay E-Bike Conversion

I had a good time riding it and found it to be a real value for money, with its exceptional performance and flawless motor operation. There can be no better option to consider if you are on a tight budget.

5. EBIKELING Waterproof eBike Conversion Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear, Front, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel

None of the previously reviewed kits was suitable or recommended for up hilling and to satisfy your adventurous craving. But that’s not the case with EBIKELING!

EBIKELING got your back, uphill without exerting much of your force or pedaling harder.

Here’s how it comes with an Aluminum double-walled rim and an attached motor hub, you are supposed to swap your tire with the old wheel. Make sure to swap the wheel that is compatible with off-roading and you will be ready to hit the trails.

What I loved the most about this kit is its versatility and its offering of so many options. You can either get it for the front or rear wheel, as both are effective and well-appreciated by actual users.

As far as the motor rating is concerned, it is also available in different ratings ranges from 500 W up to 1500 W, powered by a 36V, 48V or 52V battery, depending on rating. One can choose the motor of his own choice, considering the level of expertise and his requirement.

I recommend to beginners, go with a lower power rating, and professionals are advised to go with their own taste.

Not only this, but you also get the chance to choose between LCD and LED. More importantly, the choice to choose between thumb and twist throttle is also there. All of these options add a lot to the versatility and make the kit available for almost everyone.

Lastly, the kit is waterproof to enable you to ride even if it’s raining or snowing outside. You can ride freely everywhere, in any condition, and have peace of mind as the motor is backed up with a 1-year warranty and the rest is covered by a 3-month warranty.

What else do you need?

What I Like?

  • Can be used off-road
  • Customize the bike, when buying it
  • Comes with so many features
  • Waterproof built
  • High-quality Aluminum material

What I Don’t Like?

  • Can be Pricey for many
  • Have to use your tire, or bought separately

Reason for recommending EBIKELING eBike Conversion Kit

EBIKELING kit is the perfect fit for everyone if one knows what he needs to be in his kit. You can customize it according to your level of expertise and requirement to hit the trails without worrying about the environmental conditions.

6. Voilamart 1000W E-Bike Conversion Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminum Alloy

Here comes another amazing contender from Voilamart but with a bit less power. This one specifically offers the 1000W Motor Rating that can make you go up to 28 Mile/h.

But similar to other reviewed Voilamart kits, it is restricted to 750W. Hence, can’t go beyond 24 Mile/h, which is a good speed as well.

Although it’s not a permanent setting, you can switch to a 1000W rating anytime, which is not recommended because of no speed control in this situation. Among both the power modes, 750 Watt is always suggested and the safe one to use.

Except for these changes, the rest of the features are almost the same as the Voilamart 1500W kit (Reviewed Above). Such as, it comes with a crank sensor for pedal assistance, to make you exercise, and cycle at the same time, when helping you cover the distance quickly.

The twist throttle shows you the battery consumption, so you get to know when to charge the battery. The brake lever can be used to cut off the connection with the motor if you find out the battery is low. The rest of the information can be seen on the attached LCD.

The tires are of nylon, the rim is made of alloy, and the spoke is stainless steel speaks volumes about the quality and the durability of the kit. You can expect to use it for a good amount of time, without facing any problems.

You can grab it either for the front wheel or the rear wheel, as per your own choice and preference.

What I Like?

  • Reasonably Priced
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of installation
  • Responsive braking system
  • A safe and secure ride

What I Don’t Like?

  • LCD set-up can’t be done easily
  • The battery is not included in the package

Reason for recommending Voilamart Conversion Kit

Voilamart is a good-to-go E-bike Conversion kit, reasonably priced with all the necessary and interesting features in it. We can’t find any valid reason to avoid grabbing it, except if we want to have more power or desire to go on mountains.

7. NBPower 3000W eBike Conversion Kit with Battery


  • Suspension Type: Rear, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum

NBPower is a beast when it comes to power because of its motor rating of 3000W. Just Imagine, how forceful a push you would be getting to your rear wheel. It would be no less powerful than a motorcycle!

Considering this, it could easily go out of control if you are a beginner or know not much about E-bikes. This is the only option on our list, I would recommend considering if you are well versed with E-biking and can keep the bike under control.

The 3000W motor attached to the rear wheel can be powered by a battery of 48V, 60V and 72V, which works to let you speed up the bike up to 62 MPH. Not to mention, it somehow falls under the category of motorcycle, so getting a license and dealing with the legality of your state is evident enough if you are getting this kit.

However, it is not a restricted purchase for a specific bike type or the frame dimension. It comes with multiple wheel sizes ranging from 20” to 29”. You can get the one, as per your bike’s rear dropout.

Using it only for the daily commute, or on the road would be an injustice to the product’s capability. The kit will make your bike powerful enough that you can climb up on mountains easily and enjoy the ride off-road without fatigue.

Some other interesting features include an effective pedal assistance system, a programmable controller with a display to keep you updated about the battery life, speed, level and a lot more. And an alarm system, to keep the riding journey safe and secure.

What I Like?

  • Programmable Controller
  • Long-lasting battery for a longer commute
  • Can go up to 62 MPH (75KM/H)
  • Dual mode of riding
  • Durable Constriction

What I Don’t Like?

  • Pricey

Reason for recommending NBPower eBike Conversion Kit

There is no doubt about the performance, speed, power, and responsiveness, but not an ideal purchase for everyone. Grab it only if you want to experience motorcycle power in an electric bike and have the luxury to afford it.

8. BAFANG E-bike Front Hub Motor Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Aluminum

BAFANG Front Wheel Conversion kit is relatively better to consider if you want to enjoy hassle-free maintenance, as the motor remains isolated.

Whereas, in the case of the rear motor, you would have to align all the components with an additional Motor.But is it the only reason, I have listed it down here.

No, I love its idea of having all the exciting features along with this additional one. This is why it has made its way to our Best E-Bike Conversion kit list.

Have a look; Comes with a motor rating of 500W, an optimal one for quick errands around the town or even to cover longer distances. All powered up by the 48V battery, which unfortunately has to be bought separately.

When reaching its maximum capacity, it can make you ride it at the speed of 38-40 KMH with an RPM of 470 and torque of 65 Nm. Neither the delivery of this kit is exceptional like NBPower nor an average one, you would love having smooth and flawless rides, using the kit.

More interestingly, the 2 different riding modes including the pedal and electrifying modes along with the pedal assistance system come as the brighter side of the story.

Feeling uncertain about your decision, don’t forget to remember all that comes with the 1 year-long warranty period. Reflects the trust of the manufacturer in their product and gives peace of mind, when buying one.

The limitation of this is its compatibility with the disk brake and a quick-release axle if this is something your bike does not have. It would not be able to ride you around.

What I Like?

  • Brushless Motor of 500W rating
  • Optimal Speed Level
  • 2 Riding modes to ride as per own taste
  • Backed up by 1-year warranty
  • Brake level can cut off motor connection for safety

What I Don’t Like?

  • Compatible only with disk brake with quick release axle
  • The installation guide has to be improved

Reason for recommending BAFANG E-bike Motor Kit

The good value for money, less maintenance, and the promising delivery does not leave you with any reason to avoid buying it. Except for its compatibility with the disk brake and quick-release axle.

9. AW Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit


  • Suspension Type: Front, Dual
  • Material: Aluminum

If BAFFANG has turned you off with its average Power rating and speed, here comes another Front Wheel E-bike Kit, a better alternative to BAFANG with an enhanced speed and motor rating.

The kit includes the 1000W and 750W motors in the package. You get to choose one of them as per your riding style and preference. The higher the rating is, the higher the capacity of the bike would be. But being a front wheel kit, we won’t recommend you to go above 750W, as it is way more than a required one in almost every scenario.

Similar to others, it is also not an electric bike conversion kit with a battery included in a package. You are supposed to spend a few more bucks to get one. In the case of 750W a 36V battery would be more than enough. Whereas, at least a 48V battery would be required for a 1000W Motor.

The best speed you could achieve with a max motor rating is 45 KM/H with the torque of 60 Nm and 600 RPM. Still, you won’t be feeling any squeaking or annoying sound coming out of the bike.

On the long route, you also don’t have to use the twist or thumb throttle at all, as there is no such thing in this kit. The PAS system automates the process and keeps on adjusting the motor tuning rate to power up the commute.

One can easily track the PAS system on the LCD display, along with all the necessary information including battery, speed, ride duration etc. Even the features such as assistance also get configured using the same LCD display.

As far as longevity is concerned, the double alloy wheels and the high-quality material of the kit provide evident proof of its durability. The kit is not going to leave you midway any soon.

What I Like?

  • Long-lasting
  • Efficient Performance
  • Pedal Assistance eliminates the need for twist throttle
  • Suitable for a wide range of use such as cargo and commute
  • Powerful Motor to use the bike off-road as well

What I Don’t Like?

  • The battery is not included in the package
  • Only the Known guy can install it as instructions are not clear

Reason for recommending AW E-Bike Conversion Kit

Overall, it’s a good package to have except for the fact that the battery has to be bought separately if you want to. Obviously, Why would you not? We would highly recommend it for the reasonable price range, effective performance, above-average speed and power, and PAS system responsiveness!

10. BAFANG 8Fun BBSHD Mid Drive Kit


  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Material: Steel, Aluminum

Don’t want to replace the wheels? Grab this BAFANG Mid Drive kit, take a few minutes to install it at the frame bracket, and you will be all set to go.

Interestingly, it can be fitted with almost every type of bike including road and mountain bikes and does not require a bike with a 68-73mm Bottom bracket only. You can fit it in a bike, even if the bottom bracket is around 100-120mm, where most of its own kits are not suitable to attach such as the BBSO2B Model.

Once installed, your old analogue bike starts giving an impression of an actual electric bike, because the motor and components are placed in the place, where they usually are.

Along with the appearance, the difference also comes in power with its 1000W integrated motor powered by a 48V battery. The good news is that this electric bike conversion kit includes the battery in the package.

With such power, it holds the capacity to reach the max speed up to 28 MPH with the torque up to 160 Nm. When speeding up the bike, you can regulate the bike with the thumb throttle.

What else? The LCD display to know all the information during a ride, configuring features and pedal assistance system are also part of the deal. All covered up with the 1-year warranty, so you can get back to the manufacturer and replace anything if it stops working. Isn’t it a good deal?

What I Like?

  • Durable and Long lasting construction
  • Water and Rust resistant
  • Pedal Sensing capacity
  • LCD display with Bluetooth Add-On
  • Fairly easy to install

What I Don’t Like?

  • Pricey
  • A bit heavier relatively

Reason for recommending BAFANG 8Fun BBSHD Mid Drive Kit

The powerful motor and long battery hours will keep you on the roads, making you enjoy the ride at speed when time is flying rapidly. You would not want to get off it until the battery drains out.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Boosting up the power and converting your ideal make and model bike into an electrifying one, is not as simple as thinking of it. You can’t just one day decide to do so, go to market and grab one to fulfill your wildest dream.


It requires an effort to know the story behind it, pointers to look at, and require you to learn the process to get it done. There are a few things if you overlook then your electric bike experience can be really miserable.

Let me walk you through all the pointers that need to be considered when buying the best electric Conversion Kit for the first time. Hear me out;

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

1. Type of E-Bike Conversion Kit

There are a few different types of Conversion kits available in the market. You need to first decide, which one is suitable for you, as it helps in narrowing down your research process. Here are those types;

1.1. E-Bike Wheel Conversion Kit

E-Bike Wheel Conversion Kit is one of the most popular types and is widely used by bikers. This kind of kit requires you to swap its wheel with your old wheel. It can either be the rear one or the front one, depending on the type of kit, you got.

Who wants to have bare minimum maintenance, go with the front wheel because they are attached solely and have nothing to do with other important components of bikes. Whereas, the rear wheel has to deal with gear, chain and other components, therefore making occasional wear and tear.

But the rear kit comes in handy for the mountain riding and off-roading session if you are a geek. Try to get a rear one.

No matter, which one you go with. Make sure to not put the battery in the same compartment because it is the default setting and the majority do not consider it. Ultimately it causes imbalance and makes it harder to enjoy the ride.

Attach the battery separately to distribute the bike’s weight evenly!

Lastly, you can find these kits with almost every wheel size ranging from 20-29 Inches. Grab the one that is suitable for your bike. And don’t forget to validate that your bike’s suspension fork can bear the weight of the motor.

1.2. Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

Mid Drive Conversion Kit turns your bike into an electric one, not only by power but also by looks. Similar to the actual Electric bikes, the motor and battery of these kits are attached to the bottom bracket of the frame.

When equipping your bike with a Mid-Drive Conversion kit, you have to get more careful as it is fairly easy to get damaged on the road. Specifically, when used Off-road because of its position of installation.

1.3. Friction Drive Conversion Kit

In the friction drive conversion kit, a motor and a roller are installed at the top of the rear wheel to push the bike forward with the friction. The mechanism seems simple, but not as effective as other types are. Therefore, it failed to make its position in the market, and gets overlooked by the serious bikers every now and then.

1.4. Concealed Conversion Kit

A concealed Conversion kit is a hidden kit and does not let anyone guess whether it is an electric bike or not. Because the motor gets installed inside the seat tube.

However, it is also one of the expensive types of kit and comes with relatively lower power. Therefore, you won’t find many using it, and we also won’t recommend it to you except in the scenario in which you really want to hide the kit.

2. E-Bike Kit Power

Another pointer is to look at the overall power you would be getting out of it. Whenever, on the hunt for a conversion kit, you will hear a few numbers defining its power.

Here’s what they all are about;

Watt (W)

The motor output gets measured in watts and is always referred to as the Motor Rating. It ranges from 500W up to 3000W majorly. The higher the number is, the higher the outcome of the motor will be.

Volt (V)

The motors require a battery to power up, and the battery capacity is measured in Volt. Normally, 24-72V batteries are used along with the motor, depending on the motor size, your kit has got.

AMP Hours

It defines how much energy you would be able to get out of your attached battery, and how long will it keep your motor operational. It has to be considered according to your riding lifestyle. If you ride on extensively steep roads, the higher the battery capacity will be required to cover the same distance relative to the flat road.

3. Speed

Considering what speed you would be able to achieve is also an important consideration. What if you won’t be able to beat your previous speed even after spending hundreds of dollars? It will be frustrating, disappointing and a waste of money.

However, it does not happen usually, until the bike is in its worst possible condition! The average speed you could expect with a good Electric Bike Conversion kit ranges from 24 MPH to 40 MPH and sometimes even Up to 50 MPH.

4. Other Components

In electric conversion kits, there are other components involved as well, which may not have a direct impact on the bike performance, but make it better somehow. Always look out for them as well.

Here they are;

4.1. LCD Display/Controller

The LCD display keeps you updated throughout your journey about different features such as PSA, speed, and more importantly battery time. So, you can make an informed decision, when it is needed to.

In some kits, you also use it to configure features and to attach Bluetooth. Make sure to grab the kit, whose display shows you only the relevant and required information.

4.2. Pedal Assistance And Throttle

Few kits have sole pedal assistance features and some offer throttle. In the case of Pedal assistance, you need to keep paddling to keep the motor alive. It helps you to exercise and commute without sweating and fatigue.

Whereas, the throttle allows you to power up the bike without exerting any force from your legs. It can be either a thumb throttle or a twist throttle. Choosing one out of pedal assistance and throttle, solely depends on personal preference, because both of them are good to go with and work at their best.

5. Durability and Quality

There is no point to spend your hard-earned money on something that is not going to last long. Therefore, better to check out the material used, before you consider any kit a promising one.

The simple rule of thumb is the higher the price, the higher the value in return will be. However, this way to assess the quality can’t always be true. This is why we recommend checking out for the warranty, if there is a warranty, it gives a sign of the quality material used in the product.

Even if it turns out the opposite, we could replace it and even ask for a refund.

FAQs about Conversion Kits of Electric Bike

What Is the Most Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

One of the best and the most powerful electric Bike conversion kit is the NBPower Rear Wheel Kit with its Motor Rating of 3000W, powered by a 72V battery and can make your bike reach the maximum speed of 62 MPH (Almost 99 KM/H). Because of having such power, it is not recommended for everyone and is a suitable purchase for Pro Bikers only.

Are E-bike Conversion Kits worth It?

For those who want to enjoy the ride of an Electric bike, but have no budget to buy one. The Conversion kits are the only solution to them and worth every penny one decides to spend on them.

This idea of converting your existing bike into an electric one with a fairly lesser cost is worthy enough that it makes you live your wildest dream. What else would you want to get out of it?

How much does an E-bike Kit Cost?

E-bike kits cost between 300$ to 900$ depending on the quality, features, brand name, performance, motor rating, and a lot of other factors. The higher the price, the better the kit offering would be.

How fast can a 500W Motor GO?

If your kit has a 500W motor attached, it can let you achieve the maximum speed of 20 miles per Hour (32 KM/H), which is a good speed to have on the bike for daily commute.

Wrapping Up EBike Conversion Kits Review

I equipped you with all the relevant information needed to grab the best Electric Bike Conversion kit, and have suggested 10 different kits, based on my experience and research.

You must have made your decision so far, but if still feeling uncertain or want to have my final take on it, let me help you out with it as well to make the right decision in the end. If I were you, I would go with the;

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