TLD Stage Vs Fox Proframe Helmet – Detailed Comparison

Whenever it comes to safety then you should not compromise using any kind of gear. If you are a mountain biker and love going on adventurous and rough trails then you should buy yourself the best safety helmet.

Using helmets while riding a bike prevents injuries, wounds, and serious accidents. Well, if you are the one looking for amazing safety helmets then you are at the right spot.

There are multiple kinds of helmets available in the market where TLD stage and fox proframe are one of the best helmets a biker can get. TLD stage and fox proframe both of these helmets are best at their own but differ slightly.

To know which helmet is more suitable and preferable to buy you need to read this article to get the answer.

TLD Stage Vs Fox Proframe Helmet Comparison

Tld Stage Vs Fox Proframe

Whenever we look at a helmet we keep in mind some of its features. The major and the most wanting helmets that bikers prefer are those that are light in weight and provide proper ventilation. The best thing is that the TLD stage and Fox Proframe both have this quality. They are light in weight and provide air regulation, which prevents sweating.

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Shell Comparison of TLD Stage vs Fox Proframe Helmet

The shell on the head of the TLD stage is quite small, which usually irritates users while the headshell of the fox proframe is adjustable and people feel free to use it.

Certifications of Fox Proframe vs Troy Lee Design Stage Helmet

The TLD stage consists of a MIPS system, which makes sure to keep your head safe during injuries, or serious emergencies. The fox proframe has MIPS, ATSM, and CPSC systems which makes it super protective and durable. It also comes in different sizes so that you can adjust it accordingly.

Fox Proframe vs TLD Stage Helmet Weight

The overall weight of the TLD stage is 600g while that of the fox proframe is 750g, which shows that TLD is a bit heavier in weight. If I talk about its comfort then both of these helmets are quite comfortable and provide a smooth experience during the ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Fox Proframe weigh?

The fox proframe is almost 750 g in weight, which means that it has a little weight than required.

Does the Fox Proframe have a removable chin bar?

Yes, the fox proframe has a removable chin bar so it depends upon you whether you want to use it or ride freely.

Is a TLD stage helmet good to buy?

Yes, it is one of the best choices for bikers and they prefer buying it because of its lightweight and comfortable head.

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Concluding Troy Lee Designs Stage Vs Fox Proframe Helmet

Well, it’s quite difficult to choose one helmet when both helmets are best to use. To make your selection quite easy you need to know the important features of each helmet.

I have separately explained the characteristics of each helmet so that the comparison can make your selection simple. In my point of view, both of these helmets are quite similar but it depends upon your requirements and choice.

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