What is Tandem Bike? Everything You Need to Know!

Traditionally, we only know a single-seated bike rider is hauling it up and down the roads in the entirety of our life cycles, nope?

Not only is bike riding incredibly beneficial to your health. And, when you happen to see someone riding it at this time of the modern world, it is always appreciable because of sacrificing the luxuries and thinking solely about health and fitness.

For the intriguing minds, they can easily find the static/stationary bikes installed in the gym to burn down their belly fat. But what’s a bitter disadvantage of the gym bikes is they do not put your whole body in play but rather the legs.

Coming back to the tandem bike riding mode, traveling solo could be dangerous, sometimes or commonly stated, most of the time, especially for the days-long trip. For the new bikers, that can turn out to be really hectic from the very beginning with riding another person on the same bike but that is worth it!

So, why not do something remarkably unique? Let’s ride the tandem bike joining your spouse or friend along. Wait? Why the second person? Or how come the second person can sit on a bike?

If that question is popping in your mind then you will have the chance to ride on two bikes; well, that’s not gonna happen at least. 🙂 As this is going to be your next ride, we will find it pleasing to unravel every single detail of what is tandem bike.

What is Tandem Bike?

What is Tandem Bike

The dual-seated site with only two wheels just like a normal bike has. But that is not a secret sauce behind the concept of tandem bikes. When the world was seeing the evolution of bikes, tandem bikes were so common to see them running on the roads.

So, we cannot state that tandem bikes are just new in the market. But yes, that is correct they are not so common to see in the current world and rather are framed as a unique and fun invention though.

There is a lot more to see through the tandem bike, so do not expect me to just put up a few liner about it. Believe me, this is gonna be a full fun-filled guide detailing what is tandem bike and the joy it would bring up.

Types of Tandem Bike

Two riders meant the complete build of a tandem bike? No! Not two! Three riders to jump onto the tandem bike? Well, no! Four? We forgot the count! 🙂 Putting up all the tandem bike types without making the count!

Two Person Tandem Bike

This setup is for two adults to ride the same bike. The captain (a person riding in the front) paddles the bike and the second person on the rear seat (stoker) has the same capacity of paddling the bike only.

Two-Person Tandem Bike

The captain is the person who can steer the handle, make the brakes, and shift gears. While the stoker does have a handle too which is static and only helps to attain the grip but cannot steer the bike and will only be able to pedal the bike.

Three Person Tandem Bike

Such a tandem bike is the best for a three-member family. On the front seat, the mom or dad could take control of the bike. The middle seat on the bike goes for the sweet child of any age. And the rear seat (third in the row) can be taken up by the mom or dad.

Three-Person Tandem Bike

And all three of them would be able to pedal the bike together. Only the captain is in major control of wheel steering, brakes, and gears. We would recommend it to your small family to explore the nearby adventurous spots in one go, without polluting the environment!

Four-Person (Quad) Tandem Bike

The long setup which will ultimately give the resemblance of a long-haul truck conquering the road with a weird look of no trailer in the back and only 4 heads showing up.

Four-Person (Quad) Tandem Bike

This is again an interesting tandem bike type that seems kinda difficult to ride but really is not if you know proper riding and a bit of physics to make timely turns.

So, that makes a good fit for the mom, dad, and two children to wind up the roads in summer. And the best thing is to get into this healthy activity rather than spending the time close to and inside the swimming pool or watching TV altogether.

Three-Wheeled 2-Person Tandem Bike

Cruise with style – this three-wheeled tandem bike is the best setup for two persons. But the only issue is that the captain will pedal it while the second person just sits without doing anything.

Three-Wheeled 2-Person Tandem Bike

So if your spouse is your queen, you show the world she really is by riding this bike! 🙂 And if you do not dare to, the best is to let your two kids sit in the rear seat and drop them off at school. Best to converse the fuel expenses!

What is the Length of a Tandem Bike?

We will go with the average readings to pinpoint the tandem bike’s dimensions because we are not particularly talking about the specific models/versions. So, you can expedite the average length of a two-seater tandem to being around 60 inches in size.

The three-seater tandem bike could fall within the size range of 100 to 120 inches. Whereas, the four-seater tandem bike could easily hit the mark of 150 inches.

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Tandem Bikes are Pure Fun

After the types of tandem bikes, the look and feel are set to entertain how much fun it would add to your family. Riding with two sole partners, bring up the standard two-seater tandem bike.

But if your family has tripled or quadrupled, go with the triple or quad-seater tandem bikes. And when you take it along on the roads, the smiles and excitement on the faces of on-lookers would be common to encounter.

What Is a Tandem Bicycle Used For? – Benefits of Tandem Bike

Some can literally frame riding the tandem bikes only for long-distance tours. However, the perception is almost close to reality because of their huge build but it could turn out to be otherwise for the curious riders.

Straight riding the tandem bike is all we expect. If you know your way around to steer, the turns would not be a mess to take. It is like you are riding with a trailer on the streets where it needs caution for committing every single action. And with practice, you will find it pretty smooth to ride without any stress.

So, the busy city streets will never pose any danger at all until and unless you have a good command of that huge bike. But why not throw up some really good benefits of riding a tandem bike? Of course, you would love them and want to take them along whenever possible!

  • Two are better than one; the companion with you is a sign of confidence and safety.
  • Incredible session of cardio workout and two persons giving their best which would be hard at the gym to reach.
  • Tandems are not as common to see but this has been in use for a century back.
  • Got more family members (3 or 4), there is the availability of different types of tandem bikes per the accommodation.
  • Not only the adults can ride them, but the kids can also sit comfortably and pedal along.
  • The standard bikes can only accommodate one person on one bike but the second person would not accommodate another bike which means breaking the bank. Tandem bikes solve the problem where you just have to be owning a single unit. So, less chance of fueling up the car to hit the road which means the use of it is truly an environment-friendly exercise.
  • Longer handlebar for the upright riding posture.
  • Super easy to maneuver because the captain (rider on the front seat) will be able to make turns, and adjust the speed with braking but cannot raise/increase the speed because the other persons are the peddlers.

Drawbacks of Tandem Bikes – Are Tandem Bikes Any Dangerous?

Frankly speaking, there are many drawbacks that we can easily enlist stating the possible dangers of riding tandem bikes. So, with all the listed benefits, we ought as our duty to furnish all the dangers to avoid/conquer them ensuring smooth and safe riding;

  • That’s too large to be called a bike because of the two-person accommodation, at least!
  • Taking long and timely turns to land on the desired lane.
  • Cannot easily park in the busy streets.
  • Can cause a lot of hassle on busy roads.
  • The rider in the rear is the person on the tandem bike who is blind. Why? Because of the rider in front, of course.
  • They are prone to surprises! No turns on the immediate curves. Stay slow.
  • Pedals mostly run spontaneously — both persons have to sustain the same energy to paddle the bike. So, making the partnership is crucial at this point especially, when going uphill.
  • Hard to find the maintenance spots for the tandem bikes because they are not so common to see, making the availability of spare parts difficult and expensive.
  • All of your body is indulged, doing every effort to pedal up the bike.
  • Do not try to ride the bike alone, never recommended because of easily losing control.
  • The bumps can jerk off the stroker, so indicate him/her before hitting one.

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How to Choose/Buy Best Tandem Bike

First off, this phase proportionally depends on your very own preferences. Two persons to ride? Go with a two-seater tandem bike to accompany your spouse, friends, or siblings.

Got an extended family with one kid? Three-seater should be a good fit. And that is not dedicated only to your family to go with you. You can have two more friends or two siblings. Thus, do not dedicate yourself only to the family!

Then the same goes for the four-seater tandem bike to take up four riders in one unit! But the upper situation mostly relates to choosing the tandem bike. The purchasing part is a little different though. We have to consider a few factors to make a perfect purchase.

How to Choose Tandem Bike

Know the Wheel’s Sizing

The common tandems have a wheelbase size of up to 26-inches or 700c. There is quite a big difference between the two. Wanting to try your dual-power on the off-roading and gravel roads, 26-in wheels will never get you stuck on the way.

Even the slow pedaling will be inputting enough power to keep the bike on track on the wet, muddy, and non-asphalt roads. Whereas 700c is only and only for the road bikes, meaning to be performing best on the asphalt roads.

Frame Build

Knowing that at least two people sit on the tandem bike, the frame has to be qualitative enough to withstand the weight of both riders as well as forcing impact on the bumps and strokes.

The frames made of steel and titanium are pretty smoothened for a comfortable ride. Steel is durable as we all know but titanium is extremely flexible. Flexible in the way it would not bend the frame. 🙂

Suspension Seatpost

Road biking with tandems will hardly experience road bumps. But on the off-road and gravel roads, this could quite resemble the humpy camel ride.

So, the modern tandems have the feature of suspension seat posts. And you need them the most to avoid breaking your back.

Look for this tiny but quite a needed feature when purchasing your favorite tandem bike and never compromise on that.

Adjustable Handlebars

Your ideal tandem bike size could not be ideal when you start riding it. And you are not a sole rider who goes in front all the time.

Well, this is quite a fact that one can easily ride in a specific posture but not for long. So, the adjustable handlebars for the front rider (captain) would be the tip of the iceberg.

Concluding Tandem Bikes Guide

What is tandem bike, and do you know it from deep in your heart by now?

Seeing it for the first time and thinking that what the heck is that thing? But this is not a rare invention after all but not all of the folks would have seen it conquering the road in front of them.

That’s fun along with a great medium to exercise! Let’s have one, and enjoy the whole holiday season by doing the awesome rides on your favorite tandem bike!

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